AlNiCo magnets

Alnico magnets are alloy composed of metallic aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron and other trace metals. It has constant temperature, diamagnetic and high energy. But magnetism is weaker than RbFeB, SmCO and Ferrite magnet. According to their production process, they are divided into two types: Casting and sintering.

Alnico magnets have the advantages of low temperature coefficient, high temperature resistance (maximum working temperature up to 550 C), moisture resistance, no oxidation and good working stability. It is mainly used in automotive parts, instrumentation, electro acoustics, electrical machinery, teaching and aerospace, military and other fields.

Sintered Alnico, which is produced by powder metallurgy, is suitable for the production of complex, light, thin and small products. It is widely used in instruments, communications, magneto electric switches and various sensors.