AlNiCo Permanent Magnets SAFETY ALERT

AlNiCo Permanent Magnets SAFETY ALERT

A) AlNiCo permanent magnet are more brittle. In the process of transportation and electroplating (Tu Fu), it is necessary to ensure that the magnet is not subjected to violent impact. If the method is improper, it may cause the damage and crack of the magnet.

B) during the use of the magnet, the workplace should be kept clean. Otherwise, magnetic particles such as iron scraps can be easily absorbed.

C) It is necessary to provide users with non magnetized SM co permanent magnets, and must be familiar with the magnetized energy of their magnetized equipment so as to select the brand names that can fully magnetize the company's products. The magnets after magnetization should not contact with ferromagnetic materials, otherwise they will be demagnetized and affect the use.

D) If the product is used in acid-base or bad environment, the company can also provide a galvanized, nickel, gold, or epoxy resin, Al - Ni Co magnet.