Li-ion battery charger should pay attention to maintenance

Nowadays, electric appliances are more and more developed, and many appliances in life have to be charged. For example, mobile phones need to be charged, cars must be charged, laptops must be charged, etc. These products use Li-ion battery charger. If the power supply is not used correctly, it is very easy to use an accident.

When using the Desktop Adapter, you need to master the following methods, which will protect our chargers. Place static electricity when the power is cleaned, and periodically clean the charger and charging interface. To use an antistatic cloth, remember not to use a dry cloth.

The power adapter should be waterproof and moisture-proof when it is idle. As an electronic product, if it enters the water or is exposed to humid air for a long time, it will corrode and oxidize its internal electronic components.

There is also the need to prevent fall and shock, the components inside the power adapter are fragile components, can not withstand the beat, otherwise it is easy to have problems. Take it lightly during use, don't throw it or knock the vibration charger.

Be careful to put the charger in a place where the temperature is too high. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic components, which can damage the charger, which can cause deformation or melting of plastic parts. At the same time, don't say that the charger is stored in a place that is too cold. When the charger is working in a low temperature environment, if the internal temperature rises, moisture will form inside the charger, which will destroy the circuit board.

 Finally, when cleaning, do not use a highly corrosive detergent to clean, otherwise it will corrode the product. To clean the charger, just wipe it with a small amount of water.