powerful rare earth magnets

Strong magnets belong topowerful rare earth magnets of metallurgical minerals.
How to choose a high quality magnet manufacturer? Or how to distinguish the quality of magnets? The following are some points for attention when purchasing magnets:
1. The quality of magnets is good mainly in the following aspects:
A. High purity and stable magnetic properties of raw materials
B. Coating with good adhesion and corrosion resistance
C. High dimensional parallelism and tolerance accuracy. There are many grades in strong magnets, with N35 ~ N52 performance. The higher the performance in the same size, the stronger the magnetism will be.
2. The GS value of the magnet can not measure the magnetic force of the magnet, but the higher the Gauss value of the same size, the stronger the magnetism will be. Generally, the thicker the Gaussian value is, the higher the thickness is under the same cross-sectional area. As for the coating of magnets, in fact, in many cases, the naked eye can distinguish the good from the bad. Some manufacturers make products, sometimes the surface will appear watermarking, pitting, yellowing, or even edge explosion.