Reduce the Processing Cost of Injection Moulds

                                                                                                              Reduce the Processing Cost of Injection Moulds
How to reduce the processing cost of injection moulds?  in order to effectively improve the economic benefits of enterprise production, cost reduction has been a concern of enterprises. Today, let me simply explain how to reduce the processing cost of injection moulds.
First of all, reasonable selection of injection mold. Before the production of products, carefully selecting and designing reasonable injection moulds is the most basic way to reduce costs. Different mold design structures have different requirements for product materials. Excellent mold yield is high, resulting in less waste and lower natural production cost.
Secondly, adopt reasonable processing technology. The same products, using different production processes, require different quality and quantity of raw materials. According to the characteristics of the products, on the premise of meeting the quality requirements, the production cost can be effectively reduced by using the method of improving the processing technology.
Then, adopt scientific and reasonable management. In the production process, we should adopt a scientific and reasonable management mode. We should strengthen cost accounting and strengthen management in all links such as production, supply, sales and finance. The cost of raw materials, auxiliary materials, fuel, power, wages, manufacturing costs, administrative fees in production costs are refined into unit product costs. Reasonable management is standardized and waste is strictly prohibited. Enterprises reduce all kinds of unnecessary waste in each link, so as to achieve the purpose of reasonable storage and use of materials, reduce costs and improve efficiency. This not only guarantees the reasonable demand of production, but also reduces the occupation and waste of capital.