Samarium cobalt magnet

Samarium cobalt magnet is the second generation rare earth permanent magnet, which is mainly divided into two types: 1:5 type (SmCo5) and 2:17 type (Sm2Co17).

Samarium-cobalt permanent magnets are characterized by high magnetic properties and good temperature performance. The maximum operating temperature can be 250-350 degrees Celsius. Compared with NdFeB magnet, SmCo magnet is more suitable for working in high temperature environment. It is very suitable for manufacturing all kinds of high performance permanent magnet motors and applications with very complex working environment. In addition, the corrosion resistance of samarium cobalt magnet is very strong, and its surface generally does not need electroplating treatment.

Samarium cobalt magnets are very expensive because of their low reserves on earth.
Production process:
Ingredients - > Vacuum Melting - > Powder Making - > Forming - > Sintering - > Performance Testing - > Machining - > Cleaning - > Inspection - > Packaging